Miles Crabill

Miles is from the north bay area and lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a degree in Computer Science from Lewis & Clark College. As a student, Miles interned at Mozilla and Sandia National Labs and did cybersecurity research and TA work at Lewis & Clark College. Miles works on AWS-centric operations projects for Mozilla, and has written, deployed, and maintained several services over the course of his time at Mozilla. His primary research interests are in distributed systems and programming language theory.

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Extensive experience building services centered around the AWS ecosystem.
Experienced with Cloudformation, EC2, RDS, S3, EFS, IAM, SES, SNS, and Lambda.
Extensive experience with devops deployment models, CI/CD systems, and infrastructure as code tools.
Experienced with Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI, and Github.
Extensive programming experience in Go, Python, Bash, Javascript, Java, C, and Ruby.
Experienced with React, Node, the JS ecosystem, and HTML, CSS, and Rails.
Avid user of version control, especially Git, and all major OSes.
Passionate self-taught learner, from virtualization to app security to Linux kernel drivers.



Cloud Operations Engineer Jul 2016 – Present

Deployed and maintained important cloud services used within and outside Mozilla including: Gurock’s Testrail, Mozilla-developed Morgoth, Antenna, Switchboard, and Reaper. Revamped the deployment process and stabilized the production elasticsearch cluster as primary operations engineer for crash-stats, an instance of Socorro that tracks the stability of Firefox.


Cloud Operations Engineer Intern May 2015 – Jul 2016

Designed and developed Reaper, an open source Golang application for identifying and managing AWS resources. Built Reaper into a fully-featured application with customizable filters, multiple resources types, and features such as statistics reporting, owner notifications, and scheduled resizing and termination. Deployed multiple Firefox-related web applications, including Switchboard, an A/B testing backend for Firefox for Android, and a secure logging endpoint for WebRTC test calls.

Sandia National Laboratories

Center for Cyber Defenders Security Intern Jun 2014 – Aug 2014

Maintained and wrote code for several APIs to Minimega, a Sandia lab directed research and development project written in Go. Developed reverse engineering, web exploitation, and codebreaking problems for Sandia’s computer security Capture the Flag competition.

Lewis & Clark College

Computer Science Research Assistant May 2014 – Jun 2014

Developed a scoring engine and web interface for EDURange, a platform for automating deployment of computer security exercises on AWS. Learned Ruby, Rails, Chef, and more while building backend tools using the AWS API for Ruby.

Sandia National Laboratories

Center for Cyber Defenders Technical Intern Jun 2013 – Aug 2013

Created and tested security training scenarios to help students learn Linux and networking basics on the Raspberry Pi. Worked with a team implementing infrastructure and software for dynamic analysis of Android malware at scale.


Lewis & Clark College

Sep 2012 – May 2016
Bachelor of Arts – Computer Science GPA: 3.70


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