I am currently working for the Biden for President campaign. Before that, I worked in Cloud Services at Mozilla for 5 years as a devops and software engineer. Feel free to check out my resume . I live in Portland, Oregon .

Projects I’ve been previously involved in:


Taskcluster , the system that powers Mozilla’s CI/CD and release processes.

Infrastructure for Mozilla’s crash-stats website, powered Socorro .

Infrastructure for Shield , Firefox’s study and pref flipping mechanism, powered by Normandy .

Infrastructure for Mozilla’s Symbols server, powered by Tecken , which serves symbols up for users and handles uploaded symbols for consumption by Socorro and others.

Infrastructure Mozilla’s l10n site, powered by Elmo and other l10n automation.

Infrastructure for Testpilot and several graduated Testpilot experiments, including Send , Page Shot (now Screenshots ), and Voice Fill .

Userplex , a user multiplexing service written in Go that maps LDAP users to a variety of cloud services used by Mozilla.

Reaper , a project I worked on as part of my summer internship at Mozilla. Reaper cleans up AWS resources based on user specified filters. It’s still rough around the edges.

Other recent projects of mine can be found on my GitHub Account .